VIA SAN NICOL0', 1 (Levanto)

The seat of the permanent exhibition of material culture? currently a building of medieval origin IP? integrated over times centuries. The original nucleus? a series of dwellings with its warehouse that were facing the port channel of Levanto and you news of Common statutes of 1377. On the first floor are rooms that have decorations dating back to the 15th-16th century. Went into disrepair with the silting of the harbour at the met? 500 ', the building was donated by the Community? Levantese to the Augustinian fathers who, since 1600, I built a convent. Deleted this Napoleonic law, was subsequently used, with successive enlargements, to hospital and elementary school. The building, made on the occasion of the Jubilee of 2000, allowed a different use of the complex that currently, in addition to the permanent exhibition of material culture, houses an Auditorium and? location of Hostel premises (Ospitalia del Mare).

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