Archaeological area of Porto di Traiano

via portuense (Fiumicino)

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After the construction of the port of Claudius, inaugurated in a.d. 64, the increased supply demands of Rome imposed the construction of a new harbour basin built by Emperor Trajan.
The new port of hexagonal shape was connected with a new channel to the Tiber in order to facilitate the transfer of foodstuffs to Rome.
The coast today is about 3 Km from the ancient Portus, which is narrow in the middle of the Airport's infrastructure, the network of roads and highways, to advance urbanization. In this context, the archaeological area is an unexpected oasis in the naturalistic profile, thanks to the presence of wetlands and rich vegetation.
The extension of the old town you can calculate approximately 65 hectares for the period subsequent to the construction of the wall, i.e. to the 5th century.
The State-owned area (32 acres) comprises only a part of the ancient city of Portus as the hexagon and all the suburbs still in private ownership.

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