Porta Palatina

Piazza Cesare Augusto (Turin)

N 22 °

The Porta Palatina (incorrectly but commonly referred to in the plural, as Porte Palatine; in Piedmontese Pòrta Palatin-a or Tor Roman-e) was the door Principalis Dextera which allowed access from North to Augusta Taurinorum, the civitas romana now known as Turin.
It is the main archaeological evidence of the Roman period in the city, as well as one of the walls of the 1st century BC the best preserved in the world.
Together with the ancient theatre, located within easy reach, is included in the Archaeological Park opened in 2006.


The Porta Principalis Dextera allowed access to the cardo maximus, currently identified in via Porta Palatina and via San Tommaso. His impressive remains are currently visible at the center of an open area, today's piazza Cesare Augusto. Quite similar to the back gate, included in structure of the current medieval Palazzo Madama, it testifies to a typical example leads to cavædium, which is a double door with a quadrangular courtyard, statio on the inside whose remains, placed in front of the gates, I am witnessing. More than thirty meters, the two corner towers are characterized by a square base and body marked by a sixteen-sided facet. We must specify that only the right Tower and the Central interturrio date back to Roman times. The prospect of interturrio is 20 meters long and features arched Lancet Windows in the first and order Windows with lintels plain in the upper register. In the underlying portion open the two arches Canedo and two smaller pedestrian gates placed sideways; the scalanature along the inner walls of the gates suggest the presence of cateractæ — a possible system of sluices, or simple grates, operated from the top floor. On the ground near the leads is still part of Roman paving, on which you can see the ruts on the stones caused by the transit of wagons. The pair of bronze statues of Caesar Augustus and Julius Caesar are not originals but copies dating back to the last, radical restoration of 1934. They, however, are the subject of dispute, as erroneously internal area post office occupied by statio and not outside where, possibly, would have more relevance.

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