Cathedral of Turin

Piazza San Giovanni (Turin)

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The Metropolitan Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is the principal Catholic place of worship in Turin, located in the eponymous square, and a bishopric of the Metropolitan Archdiocese.

The Cathedral today

The precious monument of the shroud was badly damaged on the night between 11 and April 12, 1997, when a fire destroyed much of the work guariniana. The sacred relic, however, was rescued thanks to the work of firefighters. After the fire the church underwent restoration of the façade and Interior under the supervision of the architect Maurizio Momo. At the same time, made the new reliquary of the Holy Shroud where the sacred linen is kept relaxed and controlled atmosphere. Under the main church restoration has brought back to the primitive State the underground Church, of equal size, where was created the Diocesan Museum of Turin.


The Duomo of Turin is unmistakable in the landscape: citizen is the only example of Renaissance art still visible in the city.
Outside has a Renaissance façade in white marble, with three portals, the central one of which, principal, surmounted by a tympanum and flanked by two volutes.
On the left side there is the Bell Tower in Romanesque style, made towards the further elevated and 1470 in 1720 by Filippo Juvarra.
Visible, today no longer covered by scaffolding, Guarini's dome, behind the already present dome of St. John. Restoration work continues inside the chapel.
The visitor looks austere building, built on a Latin cross plan and divided into three naves. These are almost 40 m long, the two sides are wide 5.80 m, while the central one has a width of 9.50 m slightly Enriched in every century, the Interior of the Cathedral is today, at the sides, decorated by numerous chapels, which worked several artists and decorators. The lavish Royal Forum, work of the architect Simone Martinez, is due to the will of Carlo Emanuele III of Savoy; below it, in a glass case, is provisionally, since 1998, the shroud, shown to the faithful on the occasion of the great ostensioni.

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