Museo delle Valli di Comacchio

Loc. Casone Foce, (Comacchio)

The type Museum, harks back to the environment of the valleys, and employment resources for use and includes a route starting from the mouth, supervisors visit the two fishing stations Pegoraro and Serilla and casone Coccalino, surveillance against illegal fishing. In Carey and tabarre-special warehouses for the construction and preservation of fishing gear-are visible furnishing objects and tools. Particularly interesting are the lavorieri, consisting of a long series of stakes planted in the lagoon bottom: they are interconnected by a frame of Poles and grisole (incannicciate), delimit a cuneiform perimeter in which a series of connecting triangular basins allow catch fish diversified and eels. Are also documented the equipment (boats, tools), the General Organization of employees in the manufacturing and casoni, the marketing of fish.

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