Santuario della Consolata

Piazza della Consolata (Turin)

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The Consolata Shrine. also known as Church of Our Lady of Consolation or simply the Consolata of Turin, it is a Catholic basilica in the eponymous street and Piazza della Consolata. The Consolata Shrine is one of the oldest places of worship in Turin, is in fact the remains of a small church dedicated to St. Andrew in turn built on the remains of one of the corner towers of the walls of the ancient Roman Turin.
Dedicated to Mary the Consoler is considered the most important sanctuary of the city and of the Archdiocese of Turin, as well as Baroque masterpiece of Piedmont. Its construction is devoted the most illustrious names in architecture, such as Guarino Guarini, Filippo Juvarra and Carlo Ceppi.

It is part of the Basilica of the Consolata the bell tower of St. Andrew which allows a beautiful view of Turin from the top.

The icon of the Virgin, preserved in the crypt, is still venerated although it has been found that it is just a copy of the ancient icon of the ancient church of Sant'Andrea.



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