Museum of arms

Via Vollusiano 1 (Terni)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
9:42 PM-9:42 PM

Weapons Museum The Museo delle Armi of Terni holds the technical collection of the former arms factory for the production of infantry weapons of the Italian Army, inside the Polo di Mantenimento delle Armi Leggere. It collects more than 1500 samples of weapons that have been produced from the 19th century up to now, in the Terni factory, but also elsewhere. The Museum premises are hosted inside what was the first arms factory in the post Unitarian Italy, which was inaugurated in 1880 in the context of a policy of independence from abroad for military supplies. Being rich with hydraulic power, far away from State Borders and not reachable by enemy artillery, Terni was selected to host the first steel factory of Italy, able to supply the Navy with heavy armor plating and cannons. Notwithstanding the heavy aerial bombing of the city during World War II, and even if the factory is only designated for repairing and maintenance of infantry armament, today it still preserves all its buildings with their original aspect. This allows us to understand—also with the help of a scale model–both the Factory management and organization and the way hydraulic power was used.

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