Villa Franchetti or "Villalago"

Loc. Voc. Alferini (Terni)

Villa Franchetti “Villalago” Standing on a hill overlooking a panoramic view of Piediluco Lake, in the Territory of Terni, Villa Franchetti, also called Villalago, is immersed in a Park. The Villa was built by the Baron Eugenio Franchetti between 1888 and 1893, as a vacation house of the family, at the time living in Florence. The edifice, designed by the architect G. Boccini, is clearly a revival of the Renaissance style of typical Tuscan taste. The Villa rises for three floors. Welcoming the visitor is the main façade with its entrance portal framed by a Serlian1 loggia closed in brickwork. The façade on the backside, with a central Serlian loggia surmounted by the terrace of the First Floor, is eye capturing. Inside, the Villa contains an important central staircase with beautiful floors of the time and Halls on the Ground Floor with vaulted ceilings, decorated with stucco, gypsum casts or wood. One of the Halls was frescoed by Giulio Mirimao, a painter from Terni. The Warden House and the ex Stables complete the complex. The area pertinent to the Villa is a vast Park that has a naturalistic and English-like landscape, realized by exploiting the pre-existent woods that is mainly Pubescent Oaks, integrated with new plantings. Along the western side of the Villa, a small garden with a grassy parterre and a central fountain opens in front of the visitor. It is from here that the green spaces descend down the slope, towards the valley below, with a series of panoramic terracings until arriving at the open theater, which was the seat of cultural and recreational events in the open air until a few years ago. However, the characteristic that makes Villalago Park unique is the presence of the spontaneous Orchids, which in this place have found the ideal conditions to grow. Up until now about 30 species of them have been identified, not including the hybridizing forms. The Villa is now property of the Provincial Administration of the Town of Terni. 1] N.d.T.: Sebastiano Serlio (1475-1556) Italian Mannerist architect. <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Apri collegamento esterno"></a>

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