Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali

Via Medaglie d'Oro, 51, (Faenza)

Oggi: Chiuso

Established in 1980, until 1993 is managed by the municipality in collaboration with the Associazione Pangea and the Gruppo Speleologico of Faenza. The original nucleus of materials consists of the ornithological and Entomological collections by Domenico Malmerendi (1900-1980) and abiologici materials of the Speleological Museum. Malmerendiana ornithological collection, begun in 1923, consists of over two thousand three hundred specimens representative of the regional and national bird, with a core of exotic finds. The Entomological collection of the same donation, quantifiable in addition ottocentoventimila cinquecentosettanta boxes Entomological specimens, consists of a batch from continents outside Europe and the Italian Entomological series, that well represents the shapes from the Apennines, from pine forests and coastal wetlands of the Entomological part Romagna.La is completed by the Malmerendi and doppionario from the collection of narrow Lazzari, local relevance including both of several thousand insects. As regards the historical body geopaleontologia of materials consists of the artefacts that were already part of Romagna Speleological Museum, established in 1969 on the basis of the research of the two groups, citizens Speleological "Vampire" and "Città di Faenza", meeting in 1966 in Faenza Speleological group. The consistency of the collections of Gruppo Speleologico Faenza amounts to more than 20,000 exhibits with exhibition media dating back to the early years of the local Speleological activities, including a model of territorial area in the 1930s. Among the materials found during the latest research are reporting at least five holotypes of vertebrates from the messinian field final of the Monticino quarry in Brisighella.

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