Villa Floridiana

via Cimarosa 77 (Naples)

Oggi: 9:30 AM-5:00 PM
2:49 PM-2:49 PM

In 1817 Ferdinand of Bourbon acquired from Christopher Mr S a plot with existing villa for targeting the summer residence of his wife Lucia Migliaccio of Partanna, Duchess of Floridia. The restructuring of the entire complex, which already included a small casino (now Museum) and a coffee-house (today Villa Lucia), was entrusted to the Architect Antonio Niccolini, who designed both neoclassical makeover of the building that the reconfiguration of the landscaped gardens, according to the fashion of the time. He also designed an outdoor theatre, an ionic Temple, greenhouses and some caves for exotic animals, unique architectural elements still exist in the present Park area, they do perceive the original picturesque atmosphere. About the Villa, as can be seen from autograph plant housed in the Museo di San Martino, incorporating the old casino Mr S, Niccolini conceived a building with a central body and two arms perpendicular rectangular and symmetrical, turned to the North, of which the Western one of new construction. Moreover, he added, the central entrance of the building, a small covered area, for the rest of the carriages, architectural solution already adopted for the Teatro San Carlo. For the southern façade, which was on three levels for enhanced soil slope, Niccolini elaborated for the basement a lava stone base with a marble staircase double ramp that connects the building to the surrounding park, opening of the picturesque landscape of the city. After the death of the Duchess, in 1826, the monumental buildings and the Park underwent numerous transformations by heirs until 1919, when the Villa was purchased by the State and destined to Museum from 1924 to house the collection of the Duke of Martina.

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