di Vincigliata, 2 (Fiesole)

Villa Peyron al Bosco di Fontelucente (today owned by the Monumental Parks Foundation Baba and Peyron) is one of the most beautiful residences of Florentine hills and its Park is unique in the panorama of Italian because affected passion of its founder Paul Peyron. No practical purpose is at the origin of the creation of the forest: Peyron has not availed itself of the help of professionals or experts, but has created the garden in time for parties and without a drawing of a composition thereby of rare beauty. The Villa takes its name from the presence of a lush forest from which emerges with its Italianate gardens, developed on three degrading terrazzamanti towards Florence, and with a great wealth of fountains (Fontelucente, in fact), distributed in and powered by a 15th century sorgante that creates a small lake nestled in the countryside, olive trees, typical of the Florentine hills. Inside the Park you can make walking and mountain biking, through five itineraries which develop the property and surrounding forest.

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