del Pretorio, (Sorano)

Oggi: Chiuso

In the heart of the old village of Sovana, during restoration work carried out by the Superintendence for architectural heritage and landscape of the provinces of Siena and Grosseto for the structural recovery of the Church of Saint Mamiliano and the transformation of the same in a Museum, was made in the last decade an archaeological survey which revealed a site of great interest. In 2004 during excavation activities, in addition to the discovery of a Roman thermal baths, the discovery of a trove of coins straoridnario late-ancient consisting of 498 framed gold coins in the 5th century. d.c., has prompted the Ministry of industry and the municipal administration to amend the original exhibition project that involved the construction of the Etruscan Museum. It has been provided, the Museum display of the former Church, with a view to leaving an important part of the excavation, and the exhibition of archaeological finds of the riferribili city leaving a large exhibition space to the trove of coins. The Museum's purpose is to introduce another sotirco period is very important for the city of Sovana which is Roman.

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