Giorgio La Pira, 4 (Florence)

Oggi: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

The Natural History Museum of the University of Florence "home" in six sections in palaces and monumental sites in the city centre of Florence. There are extraordinary finds hosted scientific and naturalistic value: from 16th century herbals to the precious ' wax, 700 from fossil skeletons of elephants to the collections of colorful butterflies, the large tourmaline crystals to Aztec artifacts by the impressive wooden sculptures at world's largest inflorescence. A context that combines, in a wonderful, nature, history, science and art. The Museum offers guided tours and itineraries for each age group and workshops to allow visitors, not only admire, but also to experiment and have fun, alone or with your family. Visit the Natural History Museum is an extraordinary opportunity, a complete and original cultural proposal. But it is also a way to support him and to allow him to continue to present to the public the thousands of incredible big NOGS mosaic nature. The Museum which was originally the Imperial and Royal Museum of physics and natural history has existed since 1775.

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