Corso Bernardino Telesio (Cosenza)

The Provincial Art Gallery Santa Chiara. Located in Santa Chiara monastic complex, located in the heart of the ancient city of Cosenza of Santa Chiara and Antonio Serra and very close to Corso Telesio welcomes, too, the library of the province of Cosenza. A dedicated time to Santa Maria Maddalena, from 1578, the Church was the second home of the Sisters of the cosentina religious order of the Poor Clares. The monastery of Santa Chiara was one of the richest of the city of Cosenza thank to derivategli income from homes and shops located in different districts of the old town and also enjoyed the rights and privileges, granted by Queen Joanna and King Ferrante and confirmed by King Philip II, important occasions such as the fair of Saint Augustine and Magdalene. The complex is adjacent to the New Carousel, which had in the current Piazza XV Marzo its nerve center, heart of city life and trade in the 16th century and home to the largest and most important architectural and artistic campaigns until the present day.

The Galleriaconsta of a large exhibition hall on two levels, and offers the public a chance to visit the Museum freely or with the help of guides. Through the use of movable panels, the Gallery is a versatile environment and suitable for various types of temporary events. At exhibition hall remains visible cover dome of the ancient Church of Santa Chiara, demonstrating the strong link between contemporaneity and antiquity of the site that hosts it. The Santa Clara art gallery also has more exhibition rooms in lower floors, meeting rooms and spaces that can be used for creative and educational workshops.

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