Via P. Bucci, 14B (Rende)

The establishment of the Museum of Paleontology University of Calabria marked a moment of particular importance and the University's strong commitment to the protection and enhancement of the immense natural heritage of the country. The Museum located at the 6th floor of the cube 14B, consists of an ideal path that begins at the dawn of life (about 3.5 billion years ago) and through the major events that have marked the history of the planet, reaches up to our days. Among the most important parts, the skeleton of a dinosaur in the herbivore species "Ouranosaurus Nigeriensis", found in the desert of Niger by a French-Italian team. Inside are intended, inter alia, for conducting interactive and educational activities for the projection of movies that combine to make the Museum of paleontology University a reference pole for the Museum fact present on the territory.

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