Museum of Bergamot

Via Vittorio Veneto 2 (Reggio Calabria)

Born in 2008 thanks to the work of research and promotion of prof. Victor Cabral. The will that is at the basis of the Foundation of the Museum is to collect and publicize this special citrus, its history, its uses and its essential oil, exported centuries worldwide.
The first sector is the one dedicated to the bibliography of this citrus fruit. Continuing further, you will go to the Museum area, where you can admire all the material concerning the chimicazione of the essential oil, which is the only natural product able to fix the aromatic bouquet of perfumes, giving them a unique fragrance and still unmatched by synthetic oils. In the central area of the Museum there are machines, which testify the history and advances in processing of Bergamot: from before, invented by crank Reggio Calabria, to Babar. Another area is dedicated to the collection of all the material, also accompanied by historical photos and various objects found a bit around the world, linked to the real business of the product. The fifth section of the Museum is dedicated to the use, not secondary, of bergamot in food and wine. This field is used around the fruit.
The last section of the Museum is dedicated to the display of the finished products that are derived from the processing of bergamot;  so not only you can see bottles containing the essential oil or products for personal care, including the famous "Kushi" (Cologne), but also dolls, roses and snuff boxes made from the dried peel of bergamot.

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