Piazza del Popolo 11 (Cesena)

The Palazzo Comunale, also known as Palazzo Albornoz, promises on Piazza del Popolo. Its origins date back to 1359, when Cardinal Albornoz, after conquering Cesena and hunted the Ordelaffi, wished to erect a fortress-Palace, seat of the Pontifical State representatives. The current building is the result of numerous transformations that led to the unification of two pre-existing buildings: the palatium vetus, palazzo pubblico comunale (age sec. XII-XIII) and the palatium novum or Governor.
Very little remains of the ancient original building: the Palace met extensions and embellishments from Four to six hundred; the beautiful Loggia on Piazza del Popolo today dates back to the 18th century renovations. This porch, covered by cross vaults, tombstones are walled with celebratory bas-relief portraits of illustrious cesenatic, sculptors Tullio works Gardiner and Paul crickets.
The reception room on the first floor, which is accessed by a staircase with two ramps, still retains unchanged its magnificence, with walls decorated with ionic columns painted. The so-called "Hall of mirrors", thanks to the original Louis XVI-style furniture, walls, mirrors the rhythmic Tapestry and beautiful Murano glass chandelier, still returns the full former glory. Recommend room and other adjacent premises are preserved valuable works of art.

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