Piazza Garibaldi, 12 (Sogliano al Rubicone)

The Museum, distributed over approximately 150 sq m, was officially inaugurated in June of 2006 and aims to be a centre of culture in the field of history and military technique, a site in memory of those tragic and crucial events that upset the Romagna and not only.
The rooms inside are four. The first is designed to understand, through maps, how German-Italian armies and allies moved to Europe, Africa and Italy from 1939 to 1945, and thanks to carefully prepared with mannequins and accessories original garments are instantly recognizable soldiers of both armies.
In the second you can find all sorts of heirloom divided according to the armed forces, found in our campaigns or donated by local people. It is only by equipment, weapons and uniforms used by the armies that fought on our necks, in our Woods and surrounding territories.
The third was a wonderful photographic documentation, which bears witness to the period of twenty years, the visit to Mussolini in Sogliano, the face and the damage caused by the war.

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