Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour 11 (Camerino)

The project "Crafts" from the popular Centre of Rocca Varano, aims to recover the rich craft tradition has always been present in our region. The need to communicate the ancient techniques still used today and enhance them in a context such as that of the rock makes, along with the visibility of master craftsmen, the recovery of the structures most often unused, but which lend themselves to such initiatives. In this way the artistic craftsmanship, if supported by a project on tourism related to both environmental goods-and naturalistic, historical-cultural can serve as a driving force for the recovery of the territory. The choice of the site on which aim for the development of a centre of Craftsmanship, is necessary since we live the reality of a progressive depopulation of mountain areas. Rocca Varano, beautifully situated in the territory of Camerino, in the heart of the marches, on the road connecting between the Adriatic coast and the Umbria-Marche Apennines, is well suited for this purpose.
Without forgetting that the fortress is surrounded by villages rich historically and architecturally interesting, within which, in perspective, it is reasonable to think of a craft workshops, to a recovery of spaces where activate courses or moments related to the exhibition central structure.
The Association for artistic craftsmanship "Arts and crafts", in 1997, seven years after the last restoration, returns to the public, in accordance with the municipality of Camerino, la Rocca Varano managing as "Artistic handicraft Exhibition Centre" offering: an information service, a guide service with the aim of promoting regional crafts, connect the current reality to their historical roots, support to regional initiatives exhibition moments of national and international importance , enhance the area for tourism, combining handicraft promotion of typical products of the agri-food sector.

Note: In case of rain, the structure will remain closed. For organised groups on tours reservation: 0733.232527; 338.3828055

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