Viale Oberdan (Camerino)

The Orto botanico "Carmela Chase" of the University of Camerino was established in 1828 by prof. Vincenzo Ottaviani, Professor of Botany in the medical faculty of the same University; in this capacity he dealt with medicinal plants, either by collecting the Apennines, is coltivandole in the Botanical Garden, which he considered of great importance for teaching and for research. It was the same Vincenzo Ottaviani to choose the area on which was built the garden, which was initially occupied by gardens and uncultivated sodivi, broadside and backed by a Valley wall and crossed lengthwise by a road. Despite many difficulties, he managed to achieve the Botanical Garden, and an inventory of 1835, there were 1096 cultivated trees and shrubs, as well as those of the avenues, and 887 plants from the ground and from the vessel.
The Garden covers an area of about a hectare, overlooks Southeast towards the Sibillini mountains and grows at the foot of the walls of the Palazzo Ducale, 27 metres lower than the national level. It is located on the edge of the old town itself and, as a result of the population growth after World War II, ended up being incorporated into the city. It is divided into two main parts, one part sloping nemorale, 19th-century plant, where trees form a Grove, and another flat, where there are herbaceous species, shrubs and trees of varying sizes, as well as for ornamental purposes.  In the flat area will identify several areas, some of which are divided into square flowerbeds that host wild plants and medicinal plants. The latter is dedicated a large portion, also in consideration of the research conducted in the Department of environmental sciences, which is managed by the garden.

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