Museum of weaving

vicolo Vecchio 6 (Macerata)

Between the valleys of the Chienti and Potenza, protected by medieval walls, Macerata dominates the top of a hill, opening the sea on one side and the mountain from the other side.
It is here that since 1986 in the weaving workshop "La Tela di Ganesan and V.ramana" is the typical textile tradition of the marches. Beyond the ancient Porta di s. Giuliano, the rooms that follow over the entrance to the laboratory, collect objects for many years and memories of an art that has been able to witness the cultural progress of man over the millennia.
Three areas within the Museum workshop:
the memory toolbar
the angle of liccetti weaving
the tintoree fibre plants
The goal is to give the visitor a didactic overview that provides a key for the interpretation of these artifacts refer to weaving, visible in many areas, archaeological museum to experience the typical working expertly preserved and passed down in our territory and take a short trail in our garden, in which it is presented a small collection of plants from which one draws the fiber or the pigment for color.

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