Via Fazello Tommaso 1 (Noto)

In 1971, as a result of clandestine excavations, was identified and subsequently explored a Roman late Imperial age in Noto (Syracuse), on the right bank of the Tellaro River, from which the name of the villa. It is located on a low soil cant, below a masseria of age seven-nineteenth century. The difficult and long work of exploration lasted for more than two decades, has returned the body of the ancient complex, arranged around a peristyle of about 20 meters per side, surrounded by living areas located on the sides of North and South, while in the East and west sides, the construction of the farm has almost totally destroyed (West) or severely damaged (East) the ancient walls. The villa del Tellaro, with that of the same period discovered in the province of Messina to Patti Marina, with the most famous of Piazza Armerina represent parts of reference for fundamental knowledge of the socio-economic structure of Sicily in the late antique age.

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