Piazza Insula Plumbea (Sant'antioco)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
12:57 AM-12:57 AM

The Museum, opened in 2005 and adjacent to the area of the tophet, exposes archaeological finds coming from the town of Sant'Antioco is from other localities of Sulcis. Accompanied by instructional panels, the exhibition illustrates the various phases of the settlement on the site since the first traces of settlement in prehistoric times. The ancient Phoenician Punic Sulky, presented in a reconstructive plastic, is represented through the rich materials from the excavations conducted in various areas of the town: everyday objects, architectural elements, funerary Punic and Roman. Significant pottery, both those of use such as bowls, plates, vases, oil lamps, and those rituals, essentially brocchette with mushroom or bilobed. Your guardstones jewelry, gold, which often digital rings and ridges, earrings and necklaces; many amulets made of bone, metal, glass and stone. Particular emphasis is given to the Punic Tomb via Belvedere: it is in fact the oldest Tomb found in Punic Sant'Antioco. The tophet is represented by a Panel and the display of Stratigraphic steles and urns. Of great interest are the reproductions of warships and transports and Phoenician punich

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