Oratorio della Nunziatella

Via dell'Annunziata (Foligno)

Oggi: Chiuso

Of fine Renaissance style, is located near the eighteenth-century Church of the Suffragio. Entitled to the Virgin Annunziata considered, at that time, the patron saint of the city, was restored in the 19th century. Among the decorations emerges the famous fresco depicting the baptism of Jesus, fine work painted between 1497 and 1507 from Pietro Vannucci called il Perugino.
The oratory was built in 1494 upon Commission of the municipality of Foligno, probably by architect Francesco di Bartolomeo da Pietrasanta. The oratory is located at the place where in 1489 was a prodigious event, a fresco depicting the Annunciation. The municipality wanted to erect the shrine to receive in return a special protection from the Virgin Mary for the city of Foligno. The interior spaces of the oratory are arranged in a scrupulous and are characterized by pilasters and cornices of marble fine cut. The most important work in this Chapel (votive chapel), is the fresco of the altar of the Church of St. John the Baptist, the baptism of Jesus by Perugino.

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