Documentation centre of the natural protected area of the Black River Park

Via Malagotti 1 (Terni)

With the assistance of the C.I.A. V (Valnerina Environment Initiatives Centre), arose in the Collestatte documentation of the protected natural Area of the Parco Fluviale del Nera, including ornithological Museum sections and Mycological. Designed by the Park Authority, the Center, built inside the halls of Palazzo Magalotti, is the first example of naturalistic Museum of our province. Arranged on two levels, inside you can admire a rich collection of stuffed birds, representing both local species by species, including the tawny owl, Melanistic from abnormal pigmentation; and reproductions in plaster, the work of a skilled craftsman, the most widespread species of mushrooms, edible or not, you can appreciate size and shape, made with precision and scientific rigor. The Center is equipped with an educational section for the environmental education of children, involved in tours and hands-on activities that focus on the game and manual.

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