Industrial civilization Museum c/o ex Lanificio Conte

Via Romana Rompato 26 (Schio)

The exhibition space is located on the first floor of a historic town called factory Lanificio Conte; is an original building of great industrial archaeological value, very well restored and inaugurated in September 2007, when the 250 years resorted by the Foundation. The main part, 19th century, consists of a skeleton of cast iron columns and wooden boards to which you have added a part in the early decades of the twentieth century reinforced concrete; you got a building with spacious and bright spaces which houses a whole a modern Museum and exhibition space, two floors dedicated to offices and spacious loft living space as well as a shopping arcade on the ground floor. Industrial style, combined with modern and technological solutions, has resulted in a truly enchanting result also favoured by the evocative passage of the Roggia Teacher. The exhibition space hosts important Count exhibitions, events, commercials, location for filming, meetings, press conferences, gala dinners, presentations, books.

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