Villa Romana del Varignano

via agli scavi romani, (Portovenere)

The Roman Villa of Varignano old example of a type of residence that combines the typical features of the villa rustica and the villa maritima ofotium. It housed the dominus who personally took care of the good performance of his farm and that, in moments of leisure and rest, appartava Manor neighborhoods enjoying the amenities and tranquility of places. The villa is situated in a particularly happy: at the bottom of a small Valley rich in water, overlooking the sea, surrounded by a fundus cultivated with olive trees, maybe even with woodland and pasture. The larger and better preserved of settlement date to age sillana (first half of the 1st century BC), for building techniques and the different types of pavements. The country's residential complex Varignano Old is preceded by a comprehensive settlement with rich hardwood work signina mountains that fits within the last few decades of the 2nd century BC.
In the late 2nd and early 1st century BC structures of this House's oldest are demolished and razed to make way for a new large building divided on several levels and with specialised areas, of which three have been building phases.
La villa del Varignano Old makes up for the Liguria a unicum, both as regards the conservation of high walls and flooring, and typological characteristics that place it in a high-quality housing.

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