Villa Jovis

Via Tiberio (Capri)

The most grandiose Roman villa on the island is Villa Jovis, located at the top of the East Headland, last residence of Emperor Tiberius. Run in the 1935 excavations have unearthed a large building, which revolves around a large central quadrilateral in which tanks are placed. The Palace is accessed through ramps that rise to the so-called Avenue of Myrtle and ending in a vestibule, which precedes an atrium tetrastilo with four bases of white marble, on which stood four cipollino marble columns. Adjacent environments served to the guardhouse. A large hall with the white mosaic floor leads to a second vestibule, which passes to the East, the upper floor occupied by the bathroom and by the accommodation. The plant intended to soak, which extends along the entire side of the building, consists of a series of five parallel environments the Hall; in the Caldarium (hot bath) there are two apses, one with bathtub another with the bronze basin for ablutions. The West side had a multi-storied building for servitude, with equal arranged along a corridor. The District of the imperial residence, instead, which is accessed via a ramp, consists of a large House to House and from smaller rooms; While the private accommodation for the Emperor, situated on the extreme peak of Mount and facing north towards the Interior of the island and the sea to the West, secluded from the rest of the building, consisted of three rooms: a vestibule entrance with a roof terrace in front, and two rooms with spacious Windows and inlaid polychrome marble floors.

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