Villa della Regina

Strada Comunale Santa Margherita 79 (Turin)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
7:55 PM-7:55 PM

The vineyard and gardens complex was built on the Hill of Turin on the model of the Roman villas, from Cardinal Prince Maurice of Savoy, son of Carlo Emanuele I at the beginning of the seventeenth century. In 1657 the wife Lodovica ne expands buildings and gardens, updating and decoration furniture. In 1692 the grapevine goes to Anne of Orléans, wife of Victor Amadeus II, which has, in what now would be called Villa della Regina, important interventions. With the help of Filippo Juvarra, and then of Giovanni Pietro barons of San Benedetto Po, you redefine spaces and relationships with the garden, furniture and 17th-century decorations (d. Seyter and team of p. Somasso) involving great artists at work in the yards of the Royal capital of the Kingdom (G.B. Crosato and c. Gander, g. D Silva). The unity maintained since blueprint, vineyard, then villa with pavilions both aristocratic textiles, caves, fountains and gardens in the Park and the service and agricultural areas at the time of delivery to the Superintendence for the artistic and historical Heritage demoetnoantropologico of Piedmont in 1994, was preserved even with the loss of function and passing in 1868 at the Institute for the daughters of military (abolished in 1975). Failure to maintain the delicate balance between built and gardens, followed by gradual abandonment, partial smembramenti, war damage and improper interventions, in the twentieth century have compromised the complex sdraordinario with a next to collapse. Restorations in progress with State funds, and private institutions have re-established the situation conservatively and the close connection of the compendium of Villa della Regina with the city, which, from the beginning of the seventeenth century, forms the spectacular backdrop over the Po.

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