National Archaeological Museum

Largo Mario Moretti, 1 (Tuscania)

Oggi: 8:30 AM-7:30 PM
10:08 PM-10:08 PM

Based in the Franciscan Monastery founded in 1247, adjacent to the Church of s. Maria del Riposo. The first section of the Museum was opened in 1988; consists of 4 rooms on the ground floor where exposes the funerary complex of noble Hellenistic period (IV-II sec.a.C.). Of particular importance are the funerary complex from three rock tombs of Curunas family: next to nenfro sarcophagi with lids restituenti all round the figure of the deceased, faliscan, ceramics are ceretane, vulcenti and/or tarquiniesi, and chiusine. Of particular importance in materials related to bronze or female world banquet. In 1997 were open to the public 2 upstairs rooms, one dedicated to the history of the monastery and the old centre of Tuscania, the other to the oldest testimonies from necropolis (VII century BC).
Forthcoming is the opening of new exhibition sections.

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