Piazza Pitti, 1 (Florence)

Oggi: Chiuso

Preserves the Ducal Treasury consists of jewelry, vases, plates and other furnishings in gold, silver, pearls, precious stones, semi-precious stones, ivory, amber. Among the many objects that bear witness to the splendour of the Court, the vessels belonged to Lorenzo the magnificent and bizarre forms of Mannerist style from the late 16th century, the 16th century jewelry that belonged to Anna Maria Ludovica last descendant of doctors, the ancient and Renaissance cameos, the treasure of the Bishops of Salzburg brought to Florence by Ferdinand III of Lorraine in 1815. The Museum also preserves an important jewelry collection made between the 17TH and 20th centuries by prestigious Italian and European manufacturers. There is a large section devoted to contemporary jewellery that bears witness to the vitality of this historic Museum. The donation, collecting old Sachin porcelain and faience Eastern Europe inspired by Asian models, has enriched the already important collection of Chinese and Japanese porcelain, started by doctors in the 400.

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