Museo Archeologico Nazionale delle Marche

Via Ferretti 6 (Ancona)

Oggi: Chiuso

The MANM is a synthesis of historical and archaeological knowledge of the Marche region, from Prehistory up to the oldest romanization, documented through finds from excavations only. Regarding civility, in particular, picene the Museum has the richest and prestigious existing collection.

The exhibition, which will be definitive as divided into four sections, (prehistoric, Roman and medieval picene) in addition to Medals, begins on the second floor where, in chronological order, exposes the marches from the Palaeolithic complexes to the bronze age (Paleolithic, Neolithic, eneolithic, bronze age). From the third to the first floor includes the path dedicated to civilization, from the early stages picene until the period of the Senones who, with the prestigious Moscosi tombs of Fabriano and Montefortino of Arcevia, close the exhibition itinerary dedicated to this period. Staged recently the section dedicated to the Hellenistic necropolis of Ancona with gold jewelry, silver, bone ornaments inspired by similar ivory models destined to decorate beds, funerary mosaic glass cups and gold bands and extraordinary funerary monuments.

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