Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

Via Tarquinia 41 (Tuscania)

Along with St. Peter's Basilica, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore is a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture in Italy. It was also the first cathedral of Tuscania and the only, for ancient privilege to have an immersion baptismal font with a bathtub that is still well preserved.
The origins of the building date back to the 8th century, but the Church was almost entirely rebuilt in the late 11TH and early 12th century before being fully restored and again take up the present form with three naves.
The building is flanked by a massive bell tower that held the dual function of recall for the faithful and sighting and defence, given the strategic location at the confluence of many popular roads, to Tarquinia, Viterbo, Vetralla Street towards Rome and the vulcente area through the via Clodia.
The façade of the Church recalls that of St. Peter with a beautiful rose window and a loggia below, but there is the crowning tympanum of the central part.
The three portals with its lunette are much more bigger sister finished. The Tuff stone of volcanic origin, is the dominant component.
The main portal, the central one, is in white marble. Has four columns per side with Corinthian capitals on which rest the arcades that are the crowning glory to the bezel which presents a high-relief with Madonna with child enthroned, the Lamb of God, the sacrifice of Isaac, and the flight into Egypt. The sides of the entrance portal are also carved the images of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
Are finely crafted portals also left and right with vegetal motifs, symbolic figures, columns and Corinthian capitals.
The Interior, with three naves, is characterized by columns and pillars that still retain a part the frescoes and Romanesque capitals carved and decorated with monstrous entities. Each aisle is at the bottom, an apse, with the central one larger and ended with a triumphal arch. Above the arch is still visible, albeit subject to numerous restorations, a 14th century fresco by Gregory and Donato of Arezzo which represents the Judgement.
Relief, in the right aisle, the immersion baptismal font with octagonal form dating back to the 13th century.

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