St. Peter's Church

Via Tarquinia 41 (Tuscania)

The Church of San Pietro in Tuscania is a jewel of Romanesque-Lombard.
Placed on the top of the homonymous Hill, flanked by two tall towers, show all her charms when its façade and its White Rose appear to the visitor which turns the courtyard, enriched from etruscan tombs.
The Hill of San Pietro was the seat of the ancient Etruscan city, and it is not excluded that the present basilica was founded in the 8th century on the ruins of a pagan temple (are evident all around the ruins of the Acropolis etrusco-Roman) and underwent various architectural transformations over the centuries. In the 11th century the aisles were rebuilt, the apses and the crypt and subsequently the nave was lengthened by two arches towards the entrance. The façade has also had several realization moments: the sides were built in the 12th century and at the beginning of the next century was created the Central vertical body, protruding by about one meter compared to the sides.
At that time the Hill became a fortified castle. Thus arose around the Church and the adjacent Bishop's Palace some defensive towers, two of which are still part of the impressive Visual spectacle and a third severed, is located in front of the façade, outside the fence.

Concessions in use of spaces
The Superintendent, for uses compatible with the protection of the integrity of the image and the dignity of the monument, may grant use of spaces in monumental compendium. The requestor can move the appropriate instance to the Superintendent, according to the prepared forms, 2 months before the event. It is advisable to check in advance the feasibility studies and Office Development or at the direction of the Museum.
For more information on the possibility of using state-owned real estate spaces over to the Superintendent (see grant use of spaces)

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