Archaeological Roman Villa of Montetorto

Località Montetorto, (Osimo)

The excavation work, carried out between 1982 and 1995, have brought to light the structure of the building is characterized by two distinct phases of life: one, the oldest, probably dating back to the first Imperial period (1st century a.d.), the other dating from the IV-VI century. a.d.
It is a Roman villa rustica, which excavations have so far located only the pars, i.e. fructuaria destined to carry out productive functions and agricultural plants and warehouses for storage; While I have not yet been identified, despite the wide-ranging work long, traces that may suggest the presence of an inhabited part (pars urbana). This absence led to the hypothesis that this could actually be a sort of factory, large agricultural Consortium for community use for machining and economics, favoured by the proximity of the Musone River and the ancient via Flaminia, a vast agricultural and artisanal production before then.

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