Roman amphitheatre in Ancona

Via Birarelli, 1, (Ancona)

The first excavations carried out by the Superintendence for the recovery of the Roman amphitheatre in Ancona (built between the end of the 1st century BC and early 1st c. CE) date back to the years ' 30; a particular impetus came with the post-interventions earthquake of 1972. Today, although the works are finally nearing completion, the appearance of the amphitheater is to a building site in progress: this is due to historical stratification of the urban area, where you are under more recent constructions (St. Gregory's Church, convent of St. Bartholomew), but now they, too, with historical value.
The amphitheatre, with over 20 steps, could accommodate by 7000 to 10000 spectators; at the end of the ancient world, ceased the function of the building for performances, had to play the role of Fort, before being finally abandoned and reduced to a quarry of building materials.

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