Roman Amphitheatre

Via Cassia km 49,00 (Sutri)

Oggi: 7:00 AM-5:00 PM
3:26 AM-3:26 AM

The archaeological complex of Sutri is the amphitheatre, Mithraeum and necropolis. The amphitheatre, the most important monument of the complex, is a rare example of Roman building fully excavated in the tufa, without the aid of masonry; similar amphitheaters, carved in the rock, can be found at Leptis Magna and Cagliari, but the Amphitheatre of Sutri, built between 40 and 30 BC, immediately after that of Pompeii, is considered one of the oldest. The mithraeum, today Church of Madonna del Parto of the 13th-14th century, it has rectangular divided into three naves by two rows of pillars and is housed entirely in the Tuff. The necropolis, along the via Cassia, represent one of the most beautiful examples of Roman tombs excavated in the Tuff within the Etruscan territory-falisco.

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