Fossanova Abbey

Via S. Tommaso D'Aquino, 1 (Priverno)

Fossanova Abbey is located in a Valley at the foot of the monti Lepini, Priverno and between Sonnino. The visitor who directed in Naples would stop at the station of Formia Priverno a c. 25 km from Latina, it looms with his lantern to lantern, which, among the towering eucalyptus trees that protect and preserve the peace seem almost a reminder and an invitation to visit. Because lying in a depressed, adorned with trees that hide almost the view, the visitor must take a few kilometer from that call for first trovarsela throughout his mole; and this after having taken, for a short detour from the leading Maritime to Priverno, an arc whose top coat of arms recalls the past Lords, Borghese, who seized and dwelt there after the Carthusian monks, who succeeded to the Cistercians, had been dismissed in 1873 with the advent of the unification of Italy. In his majestic elegance and solid structure, the Abbey represents a true gem of Cistercian architecture, prototype of a new taste, from Burgundy in transplanted Center – Italy, a manifest spirituality new.

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