Elephant Tower

Piazza San Giuseppe (Cagliari)

The Tower of the elephant is part of the walls of the historical Castle District, built to protect the area that received the highest civil and religious authorities of the city of Cagliari. Together with the twin tower of san Pancrazio is still part of the fortifications that integrates the Pisans erected around the city in the late 13TH century and early 14TH, in anticipation of an attack by the King of Aragon. As attested by the epigraph incorporated in the Tower, the structure was built in 1307 under the direction of John Cameron, architect of probable origins sardines. Quadrangular in shape, has a height of about 30 metres and is made with large blocks of white limestone from the quarries of Bonaria. The side facing the castle is open, as was typical of the buildings of Pisa, and shows the four floors built on wooden lofts. A small statue of an elephant on a shelf out to 10 meters high. In addition to performing a function as a defense and sighting, the Tower served as a gateway to the medieval city, as is testified by the still existing gate. Important from a historical point of view, the tower and architectural connotes with its soaring urban shape profile of the Castle and enjoy, from its top, the splendid panorama of the city and the surrounding area.

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