Torre di San Pancrazio

Piazza Indipendenza (Cagliari)

St. Pancrazio's Tower constitutes, together with the twin tower of the elephant, still part of the fortifications that integrates the Pisans erected around the historic district of Castello, Cagliari, between the late 13th and early 14th centuries, in anticipation of an attack by the King of Aragon. It was built in 1305 by John Cameron, architect of probable origins sardines, at the highest point of the Hill to defend the northern entrance of the city and to control the surrounding territory. The Tower owes its name to the St. pancratius Church that once stood nearby. Complete with drawbridge, moat and Barbican, L-shaped and is made with large blocks of white limestone from the quarries of Bonaria. Rises to about 36 meters high and has the side facing the Castle, as was typical of the buildings of Pisa, showing the four floors built on wooden lofts. Even today you can see the slots positioned at various heights, the coats of arms walled in and the Pisans, in the most high, the shelves. The Tower has undergone transformations over the centuries related to the change of destination of use, but has been restored to baseline condition thanks to the restoration carried out in the early 1900s. From its top you can enjoy a splendid panorama of the city and its surroundings.

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