Castle of Otranto

Via Alfonso d'Aragona (Otranto)

Oggi: 10:00 AM-8:00 PM
3:55 PM-3:55 PM

The aragonese plant was designed by Ciro Ciri and with the participation of Francesco di Giorgio Martini and built between 1485 and 1498, by King Ferdinand I of Aragon, incorporating the Swabian fortifications and improvements introduced by the Turks who occupied the city for more than a year (1480).
Surrounded by a moat, presents and irregular pentagonal plan, three angular and cylindrical towers, sea side, a sharpened tool added bastion with bulwarks outsides in 1578; on the rampart are the coats of arms of Antonio De Mendoza and Don Pedro from Toledo.
At the entrance stands the great coat of arms of Charles V.

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