State archive of Catania. Section of Caltagirone

via S. Maria di Gesù , 90 (Caltagirone)

It was established in 1954 as a subsection of the State archives in order to preserve the documentation relating to the town of Caltagirone and its surroundings, rich in history and territory strongly characterized, so that for several years has been the request to form a new regional province of Caltagirone-Sud Simeto.
With D.P.R No. 1409 of September 30, 1963 became, like the other Subsections of archival administration, State Archives section and, after transferring in various forums, is now housed in the premises of communal property of the former girls ' school St. Louis.
The building, three floors, was built in 1861 by the architect from Palermo Giuseppe Di Bartolo, at the expense of the Town Hall in the Santa Maria di Gesù. The section occupies the West Wing of the ground floor of the building, one of the most imposing of the city, which also houses the municipal library and the Music Institute v. Bellini.

In the cloister we organize cultural events.

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