Fountain Square

Piazza Fontana (Milan)

Fountain Square is a square in Milan, close to piazza del Duomo and piazza Beccaria.
It overlooks the Archbishopric of the Ambrosian diocese. In the middle there is a fountain art of red granite and of Carrara marble by Giuseppe Piermarini and Giuseppe Franchi. One side of the square is occupied by the building in which the National Bank for agriculture, where, on December 12, 1969, was perpetrated the massacre of piazza Fontana.


The square was in fact at the end of the 18th century, with the reorganization that made front spaces Piermarini the Archbishopric and the construction of the fountain (1780) that gives it its name.
Of the buildings that originally contornavano the square is preserved after the destructions and the guts following the second world war, only the Archbishopric building. The 16th-century Palazzo del Capitano di Giustizia, who now acts as a fifth to the square on the East side, was once divided by this from a block of buildings, then slaughtered.
Previously the area was largely occupied by the fruit and vegetable market (Verziere), which was transferred in an area not far away, the current via Verziere. The reconstruction of the square led to a makeover also Piermarini facade of the Archbishopric, in which broad outlines were created by Windows, in order to lighten the look.
In 1807, during the annexation of Venetia to Italy, the square was renamed place du Tagliamento (after the end of the Italian piazza returned to the previous denomination).

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