Naviglio Grande

alzata naviglio grande (Milan)

The Naviglio Grande is a waterway of Northern Italy, situated in Lombardy. Taking water from the Ticino was born near Tornavento, about 23 kilometres south of Sesto Calende, near the locality of Castellana, and ends in the darsena di Porta Ticinese in Milan.

On the banks of the Naviglio Grande and the Pavese, pedestrian zones, each night will turn the milanese nightlife: restaurants (maybe on an old barge moored and transformed), bars, pubs and taverns, nightclubs attract thousands of noisy people and pushy. A transformation that does not like it at all and the protests of residents for noise, crowding and disorderly conduct are frequent. The neighborhood has two faces, one night and daytime and is still rich in artists ' studios, craft shops, picturesque corners and illuminated chapels on the corners. Every summer they multiply the opportunities for meeting, exhibitions, festivals for a family audience. The towpath can also embark to enjoy the canal water. Browsing, can then happen to bump into one of the many events that the coastal resorts organize assiduously, because the awakening of the Naviglio Grande is not limited only in Milan.

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