Senate of Savoy Palace

via Corte d'Appello 16 (Turin)

The Palace of the Senate of Savoy in Turin was the venue that housed the judiciary of the Senate and the House of Savoy. Is located in via Corte d'appello 16.


The construction took place in several stages. For disposal of the Duke of Savoy Charles Emmanuel II, were bought in 1671 numerous houses in the so-called "island of San Francesco Saverio" to put at the disposal of magistrates and to be used for expanding existing prisons, since by Emanuele Filiberto. The prisons were designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte, but realized, between 1672 and 1675 from Rocco Antonio Rajesh. Vittorio Amedeo II dispose in 1720 the building of the Palace for the Senate in part of isolated not intended for prisons, entrusting the project to Filippo Juvarra. But in 1721 the works were suspended and were resumed only in 1741 for disposal of Carlo Emanuele III, which entrusted the project to the architect Benedetto Alfieri. Suspended work again in 1748, a third shooting took place in 1788, under Vittorio Amedeo III. The work foster architects Giuseppe Battista Piacenza and Giovanni Battista Ferroggio, but already in 1790 it was suspended again. The final shooting took place for disposal of Carlo Felice, who entrusted the work to the architect Ignazio Michela (Alessandro Antonelli had as a young aide to study), whose design, got the background, reworking was approved in 1830 and eight years after the Senate took place in the new building. Its completion however only only in 1862, it came to pass, when they were transferred to new location also the old prisons.
Transformed into the city's Courthouse, currently houses part of judicial offices in Turin, having now moved to the Palace of Justice in the new palazzo Bruno, corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

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