Palazzo Birago di Borgaro

Via Carlo Alberto 16 (Turin)

The palazzo Birago di Borgaro is a stately home in Turin, located in via Carlo Alberto, 16 in piazza Carlo Alberto, in the historical center of the city.
Today is the seat of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin.


The building follows the events of the rich and noble House of Birago di Borgaro, and stands at the behest of its most important representative, Renato Augusto Birago di Borgaro. After distinguished military career, gaining the title of Generalissimo of the Kingdom under Victor Amadeus II of Savoy, the June 13, 1716 these did lay the foundation stone of his palace in what is now via Carlo Alberto and, at the time, was the Contrada of the Angels: the accumulated wealth over the years helped to Augustus Renato to Commission the work even to Filippo Juvarra now a successful architect in Piedmont, and this choice had become his palace one of the best examples of the art.
Renato Augusto did at Juvarra's one of the best lounges in the city, given the importance that he was taking to court: after becoming a Knight of honor adelle Queens Anne Marie d ' Orléans and Polyxena Christina of Hesse-Rotenburg, he obtained the title of teacher of the heirs to the throne.
When the Palace was sold to the House of Della Valle, in 1858, kept for years yet its role as important aristocratic residence: the new owners arredarono interiors with neo-Rococo taste, with a vein of nineteenth-century eclecticism. What remained intact was the plant by Juvarra.


The architecture of the building, as the militia, is a happy case of a signature in a private building Juvarra: sidhik Abbot, tended to produce great works, and time-consuming. Welcomes the visitor the elegant courtyard, around which the Palace: still all original (if you exclude the Central statue), the courtyard has the sinuous curve given by Juvarra, almost symbolizing a scenography of theatre. The interiors are deeply influenced by the taste of the Valley: of great value is the main staircase, which allows access to the upper floors, and the main hall, with remarkable views of the courtyard, where they were held dances and parties.

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