Palace Fires of Valenzuela

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The Palace of Flake Valenzuela is a historic building in Turin, just a few steps from the Central via Garibaldi. Of great documentary value, is one of the few examples of sixteenth-century palace not to have been affected by alterations of the Baroque era, maintaining the original Renaissance appearance.


Built between 1585 and 1604, commissioned by Abbot Filiberto scale Valenzuela, later became the property of James Solaro who operated expansions and, in 1603, he commissioned the frescoes on the façade and the inner court at the Brescia artist Antonio Parentani. Later became residence of the noble family San Martino della Motta. In the 18th century was finally bought by Balbo Bertone di Sambuy family.


The building is situated within the ancient Roman plan of the city, on the block (carignone) called "island of Sant'Alessio". The exterior façade, unique in its kind in the city, has a theme of frescoes by Antonio Parentani, dating from 1603.
The great coat of arms of the counts of Flake Valenzuela on the entrance door is inserted in other decorations depicting landscapes, allegories and divinity, framed by architectural motifs which characterise the typically Renaissance façade, scale Palace Valenzuela is the only remaining example in Turin.
Noteworthy is the large internal courtyard, which is also characterized by Renaissance architectural motifs and attributable to lombardi.

Here, as in Genoa, the practice of covering with the frescoes from progressive was the only possible extensions. This situation arises because of the rapid transformations of the historical building due to population growth and the emergence of a caste of rich patricians that was to flaunt their own well-being with extensions of the homes where they lived and with far-reaching urban operations. These interventions should perhaps the paucity of remains of frescoed 16th-century buildings, like the Palace of Flake, badgered by Valenzuela building and urban accommodation whereby the city reached a particularly accomplished and trim.

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