Palazzo Cisterna in Turin - POI

Palazzo Cisterna

Via Maria Vittoria 12 (Turin)

The palazzo Cisterna, palazzo abbreviation Dal Pozzo della Cisterna is a Palace in Turin, located in via Maria Vittoria 12.


The Palace was built from 1675 by Antonio Maurizio Valperga, or by his brother Andrew, on behalf of the family of the counts Ripa di Giaglione. Past ownership of the Dal Pozzo della Cisterna principles, it was from these fact restructure by Valeriano of German architect Francesco Beinasco in 1773. In 1887, for the wedding of Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo della Cisterna with Duke Amedeo d'Aosta occurred on May 30, 1867 at Stupinigi, inner wings were built, decorated by Francesco Gonin and by Domenico Ferri
In 1940 it was purchased by the province of Turin, who had restored by architect Giovanni Chevalley and in 1945 it became the headquarters, until 2015 when it became the seat of the metropolitan city.

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