Galleria San Federico

Galleria San Federico (Turin)

Galleria San Federico is a commercial building in the historic centre of Turin. Built in the 1930s, hosts inside many commercial premises, offices and a movie theater.

Historical notes

In 1931, on the proposal of the podestà of Thaon Revel, advanced the hypothesis of previous restructuring Natta Gallery in the Isolated San Federico, creating a new indoor shopping area that would add to the already existing Subalpine Gallery and Galleria Umberto I. The project was thus put in the context of the massive restructuring of via Roma and the surrounding blocks between 1931 and 1937; in 1932 was started construction on a project by architect Frederick Canova and Vittorio Bonadè Bottino engineer, who oversaw the creation of contextual near Hotel Principi di Piemonte. The project is distinguished for its connotations of modernity and prestige than the previous structure, providing ample space for stores, warehouses and underground garages and many local offices and a new cinema, replacing the old Cinema Sundial. The work is characterized for their pace and finished in 1933, just a year after the opening of the construction site. To occupy the first seat was the offices of the newspaper La Stampa and, in 1934, was also inaugurated the great Cinema Rex. Later established its headquarters here also the insurance company KNOW. Since then the San Federico Gallery is home to prestigious shops, jewelry stores, professional offices and, until the 2000s was also the home of Juventus F.C.. Always during the 2000s, the Gallery has undergone restorations that have also included the total renovation of the historic Cinema Lux.

Design features

Galleria San Federico is a typical example of building "sky-Earth" in eclectic style, present in the major Italian and European cities. Its setting, with "T" layout, allows three access roads from surrounding via Bertola, via Roma and via Santa Teresa. It extends for six planes, including four above ground, plus its mezzanine floor and the attic. The coverage is characterized by an elliptical barrel vault, surmounted by cupolas at the three entrances and the large central dome above the grand staircase of the current access Cinema Lux.
The road surface are numerous Office premises, while in the mezzanine and the upper floors contain offices and professional firms. A ramp placed in via Bertola leads to two underground floors for garage and warehouse area =

Cinema Lux =

Designed by architect Eugene and Court engineer Giovanni Canova, was inaugurated on 31 March 1934 as Rex Cinema and, with his people, 1,573 was the largest and most modern cinema of Turin.
Renamed Dux in 1942, assumed the current name Lux in 1945, when it was taken over by G.I.A.C..
After more than seventy years of virtually uninterrupted service in 2004 was the subject of a careful, but radical restructuring, which has seen the creation of three cinemas and a restaurant area.


Inside the tunnel were filmed some scenes of the famous thriller Dario Argento's Profondo rosso.

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