Biblioteca statale di Macerata

Via Garibaldi 20 (Macerata)

Oggi: 8:30 AM-7:30 PM
3:54 PM-3:54 PM

The library has the character of general culture, with particular attention to the publications of humanistic and artistic topic, in addition to those of local character. The Institute has acquired particular importance at regional level for the conspicuous acquisitions of recent material, with significant donations from the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale of Florence. The heritage is enriched every year of the most significant new books, both in the field of reference works (encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, directories), directly accessible to users in the consultation room, both for all works preserved in the library, accessible from your player through the catalog. The particular attention given to the acquisition of "novelty", mainly in the field of Italian and foreign fiction and nonfiction, responds to a precise need evidenziatasi in the territory of competence and appears as a constant demand/supply ratio between the readers and the establishment. There is a section dedicated to cinema, with a large number of Italian and foreign film on dvd available for home lending, which is constantly enriched with new accessions.
Among the funds, the Fund Buonaccorsi, (approximately 8,000 volumes) with texts and seven magazines-from the 19th century, Italian Classics, Latin and Greek, and codes of law texts, works of history, geography, Ethnology, and religious material; the library-Castelbarco Albani (volumes about 1400), with an incunabulum, a number of sixteenth-century editions and texts of history, geography, politics, international relations, largely illustrated.
The Fund manuscripts (secc. XVI-XVIII) consists mainly of a part of the family archive Buonaccorsi (the other part is preserved at the Archivio di Stato di Macerata), includes envelopes and 40 volumes of correspondence, administrative papers scholars, and miscellaneous material of great interest.
It also mentions the autografoteca, a collection of hundreds of letters, notes and various cards with autographs of more or less famous characters of Italian and local history.
Among others are the funds of the Court Library in Macerata, (about 1,700 volumes and periodicals, legal, from the 18th century onwards); Women Studies section, sort by an initial nucleus of works deposited by the Documentation Centre and women's Promotion of Macerata; the photographic Fund Balelli, 11,000 photographic plates, films and photographs, flat covering aspects of daily life in the province since the beginning of the twentieth century to the years ' 60; the musical texts.
Extended and varied is the current publishing book heritage.
The Biblioteca Statale di Macerata is connected with the Polo SBN National Library service, University of Macerata, and his catalog is almost all available on-line.

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